Mirror Fabrication & Installation in Phoenix

We Offer a Variety of Styles

A mirror can add depth and space to any living area, whether that be a
bathroom or a hallway. We provide a variety of styles to choose from,
fabricating each mirror to fit your specific needs. Our team of technicians
at AZ Express Glass and Mirror, have years of experience fabricating and
installing mirrors in every part of the home. We work efficiently and
carefully to ensure the job is done correctly and on time. We also offer
backsplash installation for the shower.

Some helpful tips for caring for your mirror include:

  • A 50/50 mixture of borax and water helps your mirror sparkle
  • Rubbing alcohol can make getting rid of those difficult spot stains easier
  • Do not spray cleaner directly onto the surface, instead apply cleaner directly
    to a soft cloth

For more information on mirror installation services,
contact us at (623) 900-5837.

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