Custom Glass Shelving Fabrication & Installation

Finding the Right Style for You & Your Home

Unlike opaque materials like wood and metal, glass creates a sense of openness and brilliance, allowing light to pass through. Additionally, glass shelving gives your home a modern elegance at an affordable price. At AZ Express Glass and Mirror, we are able to fabricate the glass to best fit your home. From smaller spaces, such as the bathroom, to larger areas like the bedroom, our durable and long lasting glass will give your residence a new sparkle and brilliance.

Tips for caring for your glass shelves include:

  • Using newspaper as a wash cloth can avoid the appearance of streaks
  • Avoid using ammonia or acids to clean your surface
  • Clean your surface with even pressure as you move along the glass
  • Avoid placing sharp or jagged objects directly on the glass, using placemats and coasters

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